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Do's & Dont's

Follow the simple tips below to help improve your driving techniques

Driving in the fog


Ensure your lights are clean and ON, drive with extra caution especially where pedestrians and cyclists are likely to be using the roads as well.

Don't hang on to the tail lights of the vehicle in front of you as it will give you a false sense of security


Ideally if possible don't drive until the fog has lifted.


What to do in an accident


The best thing is to avoid the accident in the first place and completing driver training will help with that!


  • Get everyone out of the vehicle if possible
  • Switch on your hazard lights
  • Inform the emergency services immediately
  • Locate a safe place away from your vehicle to await assistance


Night driving

night driving

Remember Tiredness Kills


Avoid driving when tired

It is estimated that 300 people each year are killed where a driver had fallen asleep at the wheel

  • Get a good nights sleep before a long journey
  • Take a 15 minute break every two hours
  • Make sure all your lights are working and clean
  • Remember it is a legal requirement to keep your number plates clean and legible


Motorway driving

night driving

keep your distance and take frequent rest breaks

Use C,O,A,S,T

  • C oncentration
  • O bservation
  • A nticipation
  • S pace
  • T ime

Develop your observation skills, use the scan approach - Far-Mid-Near and Rear, then speedo.

Anticipate what other road users are likely to do, allow for the "What if?" scenario.

Give yourself and others time to react to any situation.




night driving






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