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Driver Training


Steve Redman
0844 772 1832

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Defensive Driving Skills Covered 

  1. Speed Awareness
  2. Appropriate Gear Selection 
  3. Smooth Braking 
  4. Defensive Vehicle Positioning
  5. Co-ordination of Hazard/Risk Management
  6. Advanced Motorway Driving
  7. Driver Attitude & Behaviour
  8. Awareness of Hazards and Risks
  9. Safe and Calculated Overtaking
  10. Speed Management & Space Management
  11. Advanced Observation

Who will benefit?

  1. All drivers of cars and light vans
  2. Business and Professional drivers
  3. Long distance drivers who drive for work
  4. Drivers of prestige vehicles
  5. Delivery drivers of prestige vehicles
  6. Test and development drivers of prototype vehicles


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